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The education of the future.


Point of view on the above issues. It is imperative that we should first focus in the proper manner.

Human beings should be considered that all the problems and all the solutions that have been implemented in every environment, possess altogether, a root in common, and it translates as the inevitable process of evolution that we carry on each of us, because the human species, does the things he does, since we were Homo Sapiens Sapiens, by evolution rather than anything else , as an instinct, as a clear effect of natural selection, then, collective decisions, to and where we go, always contain a very strong evolutionary anthropology, no escape from this base... Look us to us themselves on the planet Earth, but from a perspective extra terrestrial, from a comfortable armchair located in the face visible of the Moon, and think it next, as if were them inhabitants of the planet: "Moon"... "All those intelligent beings there, in the land, are living, are doing what they can to make progress, but peel off that blue ball that floats in space, and that is that planet called Earth... what will be doing now? Will they make decisions under which evolutionary pulled forces? They are animals that have come to the awareness of si same!, that great species not?, and here in my Planet Moon, sitting in this Chair Galactic, being a spectator at Ringside that swarm of individuals, 400 thousand kilometers away, that run from here to there, trying to do everything... and on the other hand... I, from this moon... I do not perceive them at all... is that , is obvious, still not have taken off towards the universe, still are a species of class type 0.5, because even conquered their own system solar as to evolve to be a species of class 1. Anyway, so I know about them is that they have done incredible things, and have always overcome their obstacles and know that always they will do it, until, from this Chair, someday them will be entering and leaving, within their ships, to and from their planet, much more evolved, due to the decisions that they will take in the future, as only one species that knew how to overcome all its problems... its history , and I know, at all times, that human being has drawn paths of darkness, and will continue to do so, because it is inherent in them, and feel that it is the very essence of that humanity.

Then, and returning to the land, when we ask, because the human being makes them things that makes? Because we must respond to us... and if we go to the Moon and think from there?

Therefore, perspective is everything, wanting to solve the major disadvantages that this humanity carries on its evolutionary back, and for issues that give home to this document, in terms of the future of humanity, of education and of the Common, analyzing them from a perspective that we are a single nation, the Earth, is of paramount importance , because to the think us, to the analyze our problems, it must do thinking us United, and not so divided by borders ephemeral. Our species problems are resolved by thinking us globally. Remember but, the butterfly effect, but we consider the Earth in its entirety, to propose resolutions to difficult problems such as those expressed at the beginning, only on a small scale, any "finning" produced in other regions, which failed to implement global solutions, can cause all effort to improve everything else, to be in vain. Consequently, solutions should, in a first step, consider from a prior change of point of view, watching all the inhabitants of this planet Earth, as brothers, United by the soil by which we journey, such as 250 thousand years ago, in the time of our mitochondrial mother in common.

Introduction to what I believe that should be the education of the future.

It education of the future, fulfilling the paper of it column fundamental,. with regard to the progress of it civilization human, and when I mean to the progress, me mean both to the progress human, with regard to its psychology tending towards a humanism secular, and also, towards a marked naturalism, individual and collective, in first place; and human progress, in terms of all of creation that comes from that psychology, from a pure reason, and from any area of knowledge and creating. The education of the future must aim at ensuring the above, based on those three pillars, lay or Secular humanism, naturalism and the pure reason, above all from earthly Utopia from dogmas. If we really want that our species be directed to human progress in all the ways described, and much more, it is my opinion, it's my point of view, that we attend the signs of our times, without forgetting the past, past which has shown positive effect, some of the above virtues, and the negative effects , otherwise. Starting from this, and starting from the point of view global, described in them paragraphs preceding, will begin to propose ideas aimed to the education of our children, is base fundamentally, in a huge Act of empathy towards them, thinking from the current woven social, formed by them children of all them ages school, until the see them from that perspective extra-terrestrial , as expressed before, i.e., the see the problems of the current education, and issue solutions for this, seeing all of a way global, interrelated with all them others aspects of the human being, child or adult.

It is therefore, that the education of the future, should change intelligently, towards an education founded by a layman humanism and technology, because never should have forgotten humanism, in the teaching-learning process, both in the current education and education last, in most of the countries of the world, since it has been an omission of such negative characteristics that has brought us into a world based on exalted egos, with individualism and verbal and physical violence with all that this means, when it joins an environment that enhances this, rather than an environment that replaces them by virtues.

And when I refer to the secular humanism, I mean the use of subjects that are intended for the child to learn and grasp, which is placed in the place of the other, to have empathy, and that humanism, should not only be taught - and soaked - through - and inside - all curriculum areas, or subjects, but it also that humanism should be applied to all persons in the social circle of each individual, where the child learns and apprehends, since the contents of the different curricular areas, with a clear tendency towards the virtues that porta humanism layman. For example, the technical subjects, more than his eminently practical and abstract, content they have in its midst, always and in all respects, the following questions: to whom or who will be able to damage with the technical solution which I am about to propose? If today is not perceived that my to propose and implement solutions, no damage, may be this I make today, whether future damage to one or to many people? Am I being selfish? I'm only thinking about me, in terms of the technical solution, I'm going to propose and apply?

All of these issues, whether in relation to technical subjects, or in relation to any other subject, always should be present, all ideas and all the solutions and creations, which are born from the pure reason of the students. Without leaving aside, of course, something fundamental, and that is that, the teacher, at least the current teacher, who has not had yet, humanist interrelated with all other areas of knowledge, training must be supported and trained by the State in a constant way, and based on academic excellence. I elaborate this point of view, of the teacher, later.

And on the other hand, technology, as we know it today, is in a process of unconscious of create a disconnection of humanity to his fellows. Technology is wonderful, but currently are printing a clear regression evolutionary, on large numbers of human beings, is forming a breaking of the Social Egregore, of that consciously supra union, and that is imperceptible to the normal senses of the human being. Technology, especially, carriers of screens, whatever, they are separating a man from among men. Screens is joining the man virtually, through countless "social" tools, and disengaging to the same human set, in the much-needed face-to-face contact, contact that made us evolve to become what today are, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. If the human being in this paradox in which our countdown destination is found, increasingly more United in the virtual life, and each time more separated in real life, continues, I perceive it as a great and sad probability. Me seems correct and very useful that all us unite through the technology, but is necessary that also, us keep United face to face, front, and in this aspect, them children, are which more is are away between them same, and approaching to the same time, i.e., the technology them has approached in the world virtual, and also at the same time, it has away them in the physical world, that among them are a subway, or thousands of kilometres away.

Is by this, that the humanity has a great challenge technological by front, towards the future next, and said future, should be which is the perceived dedicated to join to the man, low the humanism Secular and the empathy, and in both realities, both in the virtual as in the physical, both in the world of it abstract, as in the world of them appearances both in the world of zeros and ones, in the world of atoms and Higgs. And always, starting with children, and perceive the school society, from a global point of view.

The education of the future. Answering the questions.

What is the school of the 21st century?

The school of the 21st century should have the above characteristics, based on a constant trend towards the secular humanism, empathy, care of the environment, towards the rationalization of consumption and towards the use of technologies such as key tools for a correct and up-to-date teaching and learning process, and the undeniable process, guide, which embodies the teacher. But there is another item that I want to propose, in addition to the foregoing, and of the geographic distribution of students within the classroom, something that, as you can see below, it will be essential to return the normal evolutionary path. As we all know, humans began the process of socialization, after the right moment where we went from being four-legged, to be 100% bipedal, and during this long period of evolutionary time, our primitive hominid relatives, began to look at the face, face to face, to socialize, and to make love face to face, and much more, and with this everything changed to become what we are today, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Therefore, we must not let that vision front, side precisely which made us to evolve socially, in terms of the distribution of students in the classroom, since I consider very necessary, although not sufficient, and not a simple detail, that the geographic distribution of students within the classroom, whether in a circular manner concentrically, looking all towards a Center, where you can be the guide or teacher of the class, and where everyone will look at each other, between students and between students and the teacher. We must return to the students, in this era of progressive disunity caused by technologies of screens, and classrooms with students looking toward the front of the class, that learners look face to face, and which can perceive what the other thinks, by the fact of looking at them, more than listen to them such as in the traditional distribution exercising with things, empathy and integration and social reintegration, that will be great. And because to do all of this in the schools, so by simple involvement numbers, since most of the world's population, through schools, in their different educational levels, without forgetting me with this level tertiary and University, and any other field, on which all of the above, also could apply.

Having a distribution secular humanist in every field of education, and also, a physical, circular and concentric distribution, within the classroom, based more and more on technology, to facilitate the processes of teaching, learning and guide, we will be addressing to a pacifist revolution, humanist and environmentally-conscious, toward a renewal of the social fabric, to a clear trend towards a new evolutionary leap of our species progress individual and collective, based on the thought of others, empathy, and returning what we never lose, and that is the contact face to face, see us in the eyes, because the latter is precisely the key process, nothing more and nothing less, made us give an evolutionary leap, the process of releasing our top tips and to see us face to face , which both evolutionary processes meant, makes a quarter of a million years ago. And this circular distribution, face to face, I propose, is transferable to any other area, of which the human being is holder.

21st century school, will graduate individuals ready to accept the challenges of a changing world, applying, in the rest of society, the mark of a true School of Ideas, more discipline than the orientation, the school holds its graduates may continue a life, in favour of a future evolutionary leap, since, we have achieved , the human being back to look in the eye again, as it was 250 thousand years ago, in the time of our mitochondrial mother, single source of our species, mother to which scientists named: Lucy.

We must not only improve the teaching-learning processes, but that we must also improve people, by means of an applied humanism-related curricula, and curricula related to new technologies, but not only to the use of this site, but creating them, i.e. to encourage in the classroom, a human-tecnologic climate - creative, where creativity is carried as high as possible. We are creative by nature, and the human being, in its early stages of development, becomes the key to make, our future as a species, a future where the advancement, occurs in all human aspects, since the essential humanism, empathy, to transform the processes of marketing, in such a way, which include among their variables , the concept of "marketing humanist", so that in that way, the global market as a whole, is more humanistic, since, as I mentioned earlier, the exaltation of the egos, the current marketing, promotes a market that is designed to go up against the evolution of the human species, exalting the egos, i.e. dragging us to the animal Kingdom, and on the other hand minimizing the virtues, IE to minimizing that which makes us human beings.

We must work, rethinking education, so Homo Sapiens Sapiens, not involucione to a Homo Videns, as we can see that it is doing today, but, evolve towards a "Humanae Scientiae Sapiens", a human being evolved, based on pure reason and Secular humanism. This should be the product end, and necessary, of the new education of the century 21.

What should they study people in the age of the IA and the Robot?

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, it is clear that the school curricula at all levels, must adapt to the times that run, and times to come, because it is undeniable, that AI and robotics, will work together or separately, depending on the needs of where to apply them. For example, it is important to go making us the idea of implementing virtual assistants in the classrooms, computer programs that can interact with students, i.e. the implementation of IA programs, which support the teacher and the students, for the improvement of the teaching-learning process and raise the attention of the student. And this support which should give the virtual assistant, which could be an online Assistant, running on a PC with a large monitor in the classroom, i.e., without resorting to too many extra expenses.

I me imagine to them classrooms of the future, based in it distribution geographical in circle, that studied more up, with it inevitable humanization curriculum, with a teaching trained constantly by the State, or, by their own media, with them assistants virtual, completely attractive for them children, coming to the point of that the interact with such bots with IA, is very similar to the interact with a human being , and or talk if such bots with IA, pass the test of Turing that you made them children.

With this panorama academic, in all them levels, them curricula school must go changing, of way such, of that contain materials oriented, in them first years, to exercise the logical, i.e. that, if include to them students, within a matter of programming, without before train your brain for the logical silogistica, and for them different issues that have that see with the handling of them uneven types of arguments , as for example, arguments ad hominem, among others, i.e. train the brains of children, from the early years, to a logical, philosophical thought and with a progressive degree of understanding of the different types of arguments and hypotheses, which, to go forward in their studies, year after year, the child will be owner of a naturalistic brain based on pure reason, and Secular humanism, and applied empathy, a revolution carried out as never before, I think, which will print, forward, great progress, in terms of the human in the first place, and the humanization of everything that is capable of creating the human being.

It is unacceptable to think about a better future for humanity, without having in mind the humanization and pacification, as a basis for everything else.

The school curricula in initial levels, in several of its materials, necessarily, should implement a gradual use of silogistica logic, according to the levels of each stage of the development of the child, understanding of arguments and the practice of demonstrations, or rebuttals of hypotheses, according to certain premises raised by the teacher, and repeat it all this, according to the psychological level and the age of the student group.

Subsequently, in the upper years, children, to advance in their studies, containing materials oriented to scientific thinking, you should go adding new materials, which are worth of those logical minds, already trained in the preceding years, and these new subjects, could already be adding in their programs of study, knowledge of computer programming, in terms of man/machine interaction-oriented software construction , and basic use of AI techniques, so that the pupil; within a classroom geographically humanized thanks to the return to look is to the eyes, when them students interact between if, and with them teaching, without forgetting to the Assistant virtual with IA; go build a mind intended to be eminently creative in all aspects, and to forget all inaction or stagnation mental, to become future creators of technologies, for now not conceived, and that must not necessarily be based on the robotic or AI, but that we must be with our completely open minds, that children are eminently creative , based on what dictate them their consciences, but knowing, that they will always have a theoretical and practical, the inevitable future-oriented framework technology that looms in the future. There are who speak of that, some day, the human being can evolve towards a body cybernetic, being carriers of bodies mixed, i.e., both biological, as cyber. But to do this, another project could devote.

And in years higher, where the curricula of other disciplines of knowledge, have they been added, and complex, such as mathematics, algebras, statistics and probability, numerical calculations, physics, chemistry, etc., students will deal with their minds already facing syllogistic logical thinking, for argumentative thinking, so young, separate those truths apparent, of those acceptable truths , and to design solutions, already are of IA, or of robotics, chords to the thought that should have a computer, since them computers, think of the same way, in that in these lines, and in them preceding, I detailed the progress of training logical and humanist of a brain of a child, until arrival its stage adult. The idea of the study, in the times of AI and robotics, i.e. create minds, fully Humanized, and with empathy, but aimed to thinking and discernment, mathematical sciences and the philosophical, always, and boss, always, gradually, since the early years, from kindergarten to University.

Let us remember that, if we continue creating minds that are not regarded among if, which are sit one behind the other, in a classroom, without looking at the eyes, minds that are grabbed by the technologies of screens, there will be no positive future for the human species, since this is what separates us, and what the world needs is to unite under a great Universal Egregore , under a new State of consciousness, much higher than the current one. It goes without saying, that is not possible or practicable, ignore the technology, the same technology that manages the human being to isolate your environment, therefore is that we must adapt the same environment, students of all levels, that same environment, to join them again, return them to the evolutionary path that we should never give up While technologically evolve.

All aspects of life, should be thought from an anthropological, and global perspective because but we do it that way, we will not find solutions to the undeniable right that all human beings, evolve and progress, individually and collectively, with creativity and humanism, as essential foundations to form an advanced society.

What is the way to work to invent the future?

The way more efficient of work, based in the inventive, for a new future, from my point of view, is focused in the constant interaction human, from them first years of life, as Foundation primary, of way such, of that, the woven social, which currently is is very weak, very corroded by iras, individualism and selfishness, is strengthen each time more , thanks to the undeniable effect of them virtues that will generate them different instructions formal, charged of humanism and empathy, in addition to the preparation mental, based in the logical, and in the management efficient of them different premises plot, which is emerge of the eloquence collective daily global.

From an early age, you should bear in mind, in this case, in the minds of adults, whether in Formal education, or also, in informal education, although mainly in the first one, that the real success is based on the collective success, real success found after the effort altogether, of all minds that start to grow in the study of curricula based, mainly, on progressively analytical minds, in solving various problems, and virtuous minds, with regard to the interaction with others; both minds, analytical, and virtuous, means that all within the same person.

From my point of view, there is another way to redo, reinvent, work, with the aim of directing us toward a future to the progress, in all areas and in every way, that including as main field, among all, the humanistic, as it encompasses all other aspects of this humanity.

All the world academic, from the preschool, until the University, should be destined to interact with them different currents of thoughts scientific, and with them trends technological, since is inevitable, that it technology, based in all what have named before and in its fair measure for the age of them students, is what us will take more beyond of where nobody has gone still.

The education of the future.

Project. Idea.

Project for the education of the future: steps for its development.

1 - Project description:

1-1 - 1 Name of the project:

-          "Education of the future".

1-1-2 Key words:

-          Classroom - teaching - learning - software - teachers - students - Artificial Intelligence - Robotics - Secular humanism - empathy - programming - Silogistica logic - plot analysis - evolutionary anthropology - evolutionary classroom - classroom green - virtual assistants - environment.

1-2 Project duration:

-          The time that is necessary for the improvement of education, and therefore of humanity as a whole.

1-3 Features:

1-3-1 Disciplines scientific:

-          Psychology of learning - psychology of childhood - general psychology - evolutionary anthropology - pedagogy - silogistica logic - Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence - robotics.

1-3-2 Field of application:

-          In all dedicated to the education of man, around the world.

1-4 Transfer of results:

-          Global educational community.
-          Prix Ars Electronica 2016 - Future Innovators.

2 - Project description:

2-1 Name of the project:

-          "The education of the future".

2-2 Foundation:

-          Problem situation : "The current education, as worn science, which impedes the progress of man in his true potential, that education, which urges the need for a renewal, from the physical distribution of students in the classroom, until a complete redesign of the school curricula, so they go including, within each subject, to secular humanism, to empathy "the silogistica logic, lateral thinking, awareness of the environment, to the pros and cons of the technology of screens, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, etc., so that all subjects, in some of its aspects are interrelated between if".

-          Object of study : The education current on all those levels.

2-3 Theoretical framework :

-          Classrooms : "because we should point out our ideas, in the direction of the inclusion of the computer in the classroom elements, but in an efficient manner, and thus not effective either a failure, such as happens these days in many countries, in such a way, improve models of teaching - learning, coupled with a necessary geographical restructuring, or students within the classroom" ", in all them levels educational, with the target essential of that the human being again to look is to them eyes, precisely, in them areas in where the individual, regardless of his age, interacts much more than in others".
-          Teaching : "because it forms an essential part, expansion of teaching tools, which are intended to improve, to include computers in classrooms, and once and for all, so the teacher becomes increasingly more as best and largest guides for students".
-          Learning : "because it is the other essential part in the process of improving education, including secular humanism, empathy, logic in a progressive manner, rational argument handling, information technology, the environment and technology interaction intelligent human, for example, Artificial Intelligence and robotics, in the classroom".
-          Computer science : "because is the axis central around which revolves around our object of study".
-          Teacher : "Because is it person that must articulate and guide, by means of them knowledge on your matter, in constant interrelation with knowledge of them others subjects and their corresponding teaching, managing the flow of information, from and towards the student, in the process of inclusion of the humanism, of empathy, of the awareness on the environment, of the logical, of the theory of arguments" , AI and robotics, technology etc. ". "
-          Student : "Because, ultimately, it is this, the person more important, and around which, will be structured all the educational elements proposed, to make the 21st century education, graduating to humans more aware of if same, and of the world that surrounds them, and in all its countless manifestations of creative, based on humanism and the awareness of caring for the environment" ", something that I never tire of naming, as guiding principles for all their future actions".

2-4 Goals

2-5-1 General objective:

-          The overall objective, and end, of this idea/project, is the do progress to the humanity as a whole, promote the continuous evolution of man in their intellectual, moral, psychic and physical aspects to improve that inevitably will happen from a place, from education, and in all levels and branches of knowledge.

2-5-2 Specific objectives:

-          Restructure the available to students in the classroom, in a circular and concentric manner, so that future humanity, return to what prompted us to become Homo Sapiens Sapiens, that is us looking at front, and interact in this way and is the turning point, that we have evolved to what we are today , but technology displays, within its many positive contributions, has one that is negative, and that is, the to eliminate human interaction, face to face within the physical context, event which, if it continues that way, without almost anyone do something about, we will achieve a new turning point, but in this case, one negative, that we will succeed in promoting an evolutionary regression , unless, with regard to the interaction social, and precisely this, precisely in that aspect so critical, and that is is as it more important in the evolution of the man. This objective is the bring us back to look and to interact face to face, as children are increasingly more dispersed between Yes, and for their teachers and intellectual tasks, are hyper connected virtually, but the opposite happens in real, physical, life just that social interaction as necessary which, ultimately, after countless years , it was that led us to create this wonderful technology, today we begin to separate.
-          Include to the humanism Secular and to the empathy, of way theoretical and applied, and of a way incremental and interrelated with all them other subjects of each curriculum.
-          Educate students about the effects that current humanity has, and who will be in the future, respect of our actions, positive or negative, in relation to the environment, current and the environment we could have in the future, and the negative effects that causes needless of any product or service consumption, since the current level of consumption is over stimulated , doing that people consume more of what you need, and much of this fact, owe it to the marketing dehumanized, dedicated to exalting the egos in all its manifestations, making wake impulses consumerist in as many people as possible, so expedient is to prepare children, since their first years of life, to placate and consumerist impulse "inspired" by the dehumanised marketing.
-          Include logic, interrelated with, and between, all subjects, from the first final and education, up to the highest levels, adapted this logic, the general psychology of each school stage of the children, and the particular psychology within each stage.
-          Include the management rational of arguments, interrelated with, and between, all them subjects, from them first levels educational, to them more high, and late, adapted said management plot, to the Psychology general of each stage School of them students, and to the psychology particular of them, within each stage educational.
-          Include knowledge of computer programming, from its most basic expression, depending on each educational stage, so in the higher grades, the student knows interact with computers, in a human, logical, rational, and programmatic way, and of course that also, like above, computer programming, be it can interact with other subjects of each level. The central idea of all this, is that the human being from the future, see the world through eyes humanist, with a rational mind in its highest expression, devoid of earthly utopias, able to solve a variety more extensive problems, as does the current human being, and possess a great vision of the world, be it global or locally speaking always based on computer technology, since you will know her from her womb, thanks to the logic and programming, (interrelated with other subjects), learned and seized since the beginning of the intellectual life of the human being.
-          Generate programmes of teacher training, for all of the above, in addition to the new curricula, which will integrate between their items, so, now that we must not forget, that everything is related to everything.

2-5-3 Empirical referrer:


Future Innovators Summit @ Ars Electronica-2016

3 - Impact of the project:

4-1 Transfer of results:

-          On a global scale. Humanity improved it among everyone, globally, and not so, applying the here proposed, only in isolated locations if.

5-1 Human resources:

5-2-1 Payroll of members of the project: (last name and name, ID, title)

Study / expertise / occupation
Ressio, Nelson Javier
Developer of systems (31 years). 
National University of Entre Ríos. 
Producer of Music Dance (8 years). 
Writer - novelist. Producer and
host of Videos. Actor. Self-taught 
in physics, philosophy, and psychology.

On my: 

5-3 Curriculum: (check on-line at this link).

6 Summary:

Being education, and people of all ages and times, the initial and historical reasons why the enlightenment many people have worked so hard, in most of the countries of this world, is education, which should inevitably lead us towards world peace, theme prevailing, key and fundamental basis, so that the word "civilization" continue having sense indeed , in our societies.

Education and human beings, represent the only basis of civilizing, - which can be strong or weak, depending on the conditions of the established socio-cultural context-, and also, depending on the environment and the proper use of technology, something that should be extremely important chores and humanistic thoughts and peacemakers of every individual on Earth. The technology must accompany the process humanising and peacemaker, always framed within a context environmental and sociocultural that accompany said process.

I think I would, it is totally important, essential, urgent and to priority, the role that must meet all humanistic measure to achieve the union of distant societies, whether political, religious fanaticism, or discrimination of gender, race or skin colour. And it is in this sense, that came to mind a thought that had since child, and very often in this respect, since, as I watched disputes of any kind, both in my home town, and at country level, I could not understand, as it is that within the same country, have people who hate each other, due to events and concepts that obviously I didn't understand at the time , but if understood so blurred in my mind of child- and although he did with these concepts, meant quite the opposite with those feelings that separate societies.

All of this has led me to think, from an early age, in the things that divide societies; trying to understand why people are hated and fought within a same area (without opt me of infamous wars between countries, previous and contemporary to my very existence, and which also read); being ones of these agents dividers, from my point of view, the political, the sport and the religion, but not them understand dividers by it own essence that them constitutes, as parts of an all normative or doctrinal, somewhat, or quite indispensable in it society current, but, them understand as dividers social against it required pacification that depend on of the level of education humanistic of the human being. And I do not mean here the intellectual of the individual level, since this simply grows with the time and effort devoted part of each, and if in addition the interest in grow intellectually is present-, but that I am referring to the basis of any peaceful society, which depends on the level of humanism (either formal or informal) that provide you Since the beginning of the biological life, and then from the school and therefore, during the rest of the academic life of the society.

In these moments of individualism, which the education formal in first instance, change their curricula, towards a marked humanism theoretical, but mostly practical, i.e., applied in the life real,-or, necessarily applied-, consist the woven social corrupted by programs educational, that from my point of view, are incorrect from very long data, since present,-in these times of required humanity- , majoritarian tendencies toward the technical, mathematical and language, without taking into account, in their curricula, to the humanistic. And quickly want to clarify, I am not against technology, mathematics and languages, on the contrary, they are topics that excite me much, even my intellectual base is mathematical, logical and technical, among other areas, but the issue here, is another, and it is with respect to that, we have an urgent need to improve something, and that something , is nothing more and nothing less, that it society in its joint, starting of course, by one same, for then to get to improve to them others.

The society requests unconsciously and to cries, be improved, be humanized, be pacified, and or them mathematics, it technical or them languages it van to do so well as it will make when those subjects are interrelated with them humanistic, but emphasise that, is les must add the character of applied on the woven social, i.e., the of rehearse it empathy which will make them see each student, there is a close relation, each one with their individualities, and expect a certain level of empathy upon them, and vice versa.

Not advance ever as humanity if in the educational institutions of any type and level, prevails over the eminently technical the technical/humanistic, and I repeat, I am not referring to anything, to eliminate the technical subjects, but rather, to interact the technical contents and logical, with all other subjects in school curricula, as I have mentioned several paragraphs above.

This process of humanize from them schools, form individuals and not individualistic, will form future parents that also will teach to their children, although of way informal, the humanism peacemaker, and in joint with the of them schools, the woven social will improve, and the divisions and hatreds that today is come in each corner, due to colors political, religious, sports, etc., as passes the time they will be minor. Parents humanists who send their children to schools humanists, who then they will be future and new parents humanists... just, I think, that this, a new revolution in favour of humanity all will be. I do not intend to let the technical side, but that subsides. And, dear readers, I have the conviction that there is no other way to pacify the world society, which under this big change that I humbly propose through these lines and reformed to humanistic school will give us. There for me, no choice but to humanize from - and -education. And while all effort, respect to impart advice to humanity, through innumerable progressive social organisms of all kinds, can have a positive effect, evolutionary individualism acquired individualism, always tends to trample on every event that it detects as potentially dangerous for his ego, in any of its forms.

And when I refer to humanism, not make allusion to what in the past was attributed this concept, and that it was a European, back in the 16th century intellectual, philosophical, theological and artistic movement, - although without being in disagreement with its rationalist principles, except with the theological-, I try to refer to a humanism that can achieve coherence, unity and empathy , on the integration of all subjects of mankind perfectible, day after day, we presented to our crowded perceptions, and that some or many of them, generate sectarianism which will lead to an inevitable social collapse, and a further evolutionary regression, if applied humanism may not act quickly.

The features fundamental of the humanism are, the interest by it classical, i.e., the study of the literature classic Greco-Roman; the anthropocentrism, which all turn around the man, but in the sense spiritual esoteric, away of the "Imitatio Christi" exoteric, to quote to the effect harmful from a religion on its faithful; Pacifism, or aversion for all war; the idealization or the finishing of the reality; and finally, the optimism, that is it of rating, with all the forces that have, with regard to our humanized predisposition, to our world and to the man, this last, obviously that always while its Universal.

Also spoken much, and with reason, of the harmful which is the TV to the mind of a child, and I am convinced that it represents the intellectual decline of humanity, but although I can't think of at the moment, as the society stop watching TV, and turns to read books, change society by the hands of the society , by means of that school humanistic, will make change to the TV by addition. Waste programs exist because there are people who see them, and therefore become extremely profitable, but if the result of a school more humanist, manages to decrease the number of people who watch TV, debugging it, will be given if single, since reducing the rating will reduce their profitability, and if it is not profitable, is not transmitted. Simple, but in the long term, and this, a clear effect of humanizing promoted by schools with the new curriculum proposal.

And the same that with TV, will happen with regard to the environment and technology, in relation to know to discern how much of our lives let that technology us away from our families, and social relationships face to face, making us perfect the foregoing moderators, bearing in mind that we already have a humane mind.

Then, politics, religion, - as so many other aspects that indirectly go against social peace-, at some point in the future, with a society renewed by the described process of humanising more above, only more up, only will be topics that they will give that talk, reason, reconcile, discern, and not so, themes that they will generate divisions in the social fabrics.

The balance that every State must ensure, seems to me, that part urgently of the foregoing. While humanization comes not from the State school (and privately), for obvious reasons of number of individuals reached, in addition to the training, will continue to have the individualism above the individual, hate above love, the ego above empathy... ultimately... will continue, and getting worse every time more like society towards a clear evolutionary regression.

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