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*** About Nelson J. Ressio

----  My University history:
----  My CV On Line, In Spanish (With cover letter):
----  My CV On Line, in English (With cover letter):
----  Professional profile (Software Developer (33 years) | IT Admin | Dance Music Prod. (10 years) | Singer | Novelist - Writer | Video Prod. | Actor |.*.):
***  My personal Facebook (5000 friends):

My Others Facebooks pages: 
----  Writer/Novelist (10 books) (960 followers):
---- Actor / Singer (1200 followers):  

----  Musician / Songwriter (More than 10 years) (1020 followers, ):

----  Cartoonist (80 followers-Recent created):

----  Enigmas de Otros Mundos (Enigms of Other Worlds) (5000 followers):

----  El Erminauta (2630 followers):  

----  The Egregor Meter Project (532 followers): 

----  The GOD Machine Project (71 followers): 

----  The Man of the 101 Thousand Faces (1150 followers): 

---- Youtube playlists, with two radio interviews to my person:

***  My personal and projects domains: 
***  My Project: Education of the Future: 
In Spanish:
In English:

***  My software development: 
---- Moebyus Search Engine (MSE) "Beta Version 2011 (2)" - (My new software development):

More data about my MSE:
---- Show my latest Business Management System:

---- The Egregor Meter Project -EMP- (Latest version):

More data about my EMP:
---- The EGREGOR METER Project, has become On Line:

---- Youtube playlists, with demos of some of my software developments:

***  My multidisciplinary development (The God Machine Project): 

***  My YouTube channels, of: 
---- Some programs designed and performing for me (Enigms of The Others Worlds - Enigmas de Otros Mundos):
---- My performances/Acting/Casting for foundries (also performed in English):
---- My audio-articles (taken from my Web test:
---- Personal YouTube Channel:
---- My Soundtracks for Films and Novels:
***  Websites where I upload my musical productions: 

***  My all books (10) on Amazon: (abbreviated link Because it is a search on Amazon EE.UU.).
And in Amazon UK, and in Amazon Europe.
***  My all books (10) on Google Books: (abbreviated link Because it is a search on Google Books).

***  Facebook page about my novel: "The Digital Sentinel": 
***  Facebook page about my novel: "Annon and the Crystal Prisson": 
***  Facebook page about my novel: "Annon and the Enigma of the Phoenix": 
You want to know more, click on this Google search with my name.

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Safe Creative #0904040153804

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