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Since the humanity has memory, in many moments of the history, has existed the vital need of resort to the exodus collective, from countless humans that have seen that, their lives, and them of its offspring, is have since in danger, by different factors that not need list is, since, is of the knowledge of it most.

Here I will not refer to individual exodus, a simple act of emigration, but that, to the mass exodus, as evolutionary response, of preservation of the species, a great threat for countless people, and, for the same species, and the exodus not only endangers the welfare of the people that comprise it, but that also, the so-called butterfly effect generated , and replicated to the rest of the planet, it is, by simple logic, much more powerful, than if they were single individual migrations, for very different reasons of which we are all aware, in relation to migrants fleeing constantly from the wars, of the torture, rape, trafficking in persons, and a large list of crimes against human rights; and the butterfly effect, spreads in all directions, throughout space and time, both inward from the community of emigrants from the wars, as out of them; i.e., inward communities from countries where they are accepted, as immigrants, since with the events that are triggered based on these large movements of humans, increases the likelihood that the butterfly effect, regardless of the place and time, may cause negative effects on the Supra Global system, that system which we have been able to conceive, past the errors and failures , but it is the system that keeps this world running as we perceive it today, and with it, our species as a whole, partially protected from possible extinction, by our own hands, by decisions taken, from my point of view, in a quite incoherent manner, because accepting immigrants, in a percentage way is to make a completely discriminatory selection , i.e., some are accepted, either because they have their identification papers in order, or by a minimum identification, but there is another very large, emigrants from the horror percentage, unfailingly, must return to the horror, for not having the relevant identifications more other requirements for this purpose, and I would like to clarify, that the immediate above, only corresponds to a generalization of the immigration problem , which, we are looking at here.

Then, we must be able to think beyond what happens around every immigration event, people fleeing the horror of war and harassment among civilians, to countries around the world, but to greater extent, to countries in Europe and Asia. And all countries that have accepted refugees, there is a great country, so it means to the world; I would say, in a broad sense, in terms of the various creative aspects of human thought; but also, it is a country with an enormous territorial extension, and that it has only accepted, to less than 1,000 refugees according to data from the year 2009, Russia, is one of the countries with the highest rate of elderly, and need a speedy immigration from other countries, to retrieve the average age, which will show a shift towards a more rejuvenated population , in a short future; and that country is Russia (and that expressly it without regard to other countries, which like Russia, also presented a great extension and a prevailing need for immigration). Russia has a great territory, in where the greater part of this, is land that you belongs to this planet called Earth (as them others countries), in addition to belonging, by right evolutionary, to us, all their settlers, and on which, all are citizens. We are all citizens of the planet Earth, and as such, we are born with the right to live in the place that we want, or we can, not as a walk, not as a diversion, but that; as carriers of the evolutionary, anthropological right I would say; to live in the place of the planet, in which the events themselves, oblivious and world, there we locate, beyond national borders. Because this idea, from my point of view, could apply it to the problem of refugees, resolving a major drawback for themselves, first, and the world, then, avoiding the dreaded butterfly effect, causing a greater evil, that extends above all humanity with negative effects, with what this means, should they be affected systems that keep this world in operation , and this society dependent on such systems.

Therefore, after this, to try to make clear, that the idea here is to seek greater welfare for all human beings on this planet, and also, for the rest of biodiversity, is that you I will propose here, an idea, to try to solve the problem of refugees, to avoid the butterfly effect, negative, and also , as a way of reducing the negative psychological burden that generate these events, in direct action towards the Global collective consciousness, by the simple, but sad fact, that there are thousands, or millions of people, with their minds in constant suffering, feeding negative Global awareness; but in addition, this humble idea, presented here, is also addressed to obtain revenue economic, something inevitable and extremely necessary, to prosper our species as a whole, and the companies that make it up, and one of these societies, is a society comprising refugees, because we cannot deny this fact, that, in a civilized as this world still such exoduses events should generate mass of people who should live a decent life in their own places. But hey, the exodus is a reality, the problem of our refugee brothers is a reality, and must deal with an entirely open mind, without limitations, or prejudice, or anything that hinders the progress of humanity, because solving this problem of our refugee brothers, is an essential part of the progress, and progress, should be built among all , but leaving aside the conventions, nationalism and believe that we live in a world of infinite.

Is from the above, that my humble proposal is directed toward the resettlement of the people fleeing the horror, and that are not accepted in any country, by problems several, such as being undocumented, being suspected of involvement in terrorism, and a large etcetera; and these people, who are nothing, without being accepted, and unintentionally, or, back again to the horror of their Nations, are the main beneficiaries of this humble writing, because they are people without a place in the world, without the dignity of living as each one of them deserves to do so, as well as all.

But, consequently, arises the question, where relocating the refugees that are rejected by countries, moreover, do not want to, and should not, return to the horror of their places of origin? The answer to this question, from my point of view, is Russia (and this, I would remind you, that applies also to any other country, with great territorial expansion, and urgently need immigration to decrease the percentage of aged population, and contribute to the economic growth, individual and collective, in this case, for example, to Russia with respect , as selected by me, for this proposal, without stop thinking in other countries, with the same population needs. On the one hand, there are people with the need to establish is to live and work away from the horror, and on the other hand, there are countries like Russia, you need these people, to continue to be the country that is, and much more. Remember that, to the world, it build among all, among them refugees relocated and all them countries that need families that are established in their territories. A balance, almost perfect, but eminently perfectible.

A clear example of relocation of refugees, who are not accepted in any place; these places that, in many respects, are already densely populated, and with a certain balance of ages among the members of its population; It is the build, from zero, one, or more cities, in places similar to the region of Mirnoye, Krasnoyarsk Krai, in Ukraine, or to the North of Bakhta, the banks of the Yenisei River, allowing in this way, the region of Siberia in this case is strengthened with the immigration of people who are not accepted by any country , and does not want to return to the horror of their countries of origin, in this case, the Middle East. The proposed places, show my intention of relocation, so, the choice of other places, free decision.

As we all know, the Middle East, is overcrowded, and in many parts, mired in a war that seems to have no end, because of the complexity in terms of the number of parts or sides comprising them, so the population relocation above, becomes highly necessary and priority, in order to redistribute the concentration of the population, around the world. But, based on this, new questions arise, you must build new cities from scratch?, who will control that does not happen a Trojan horse effect, so that, within the contingent of refugees, prevent small terrorist cells from moving? Is give order to that less chaos, which will build cities and give them the economic power that any city has? As such responses, are not an obstacle at all, and if someone thinks they are obstacles, that person is not thinking this problem globally. We must think globally, at all times, and therefore always act from the place in which we live.

All the doubts and questions that arise from a specific problem, are to be resolved in its entirety, and therefore not to be obscured with views that add more questions, the questions. The new questions, must be that, new, to be answered as is should. It is normal that generate hundreds or thousands of questions, but what should not happen is that hundreds or thousands of questions, about the questions already asked, because they darken original questions, that should be answered properly, i.e. in an efficient and strict generated. Although doubt is based on wisdom, the worst mistake you can make, is to generate a tree of doubts, because at some point, the trunk of that tree, not resist, and lease under its own semantic weight. That is why, doubts, questions, must be clear, and starting from a problem existing in real life, and not so, that draw upon earlier questions because you lose the original essence to solve a particular problem. It is possible that this not understanding at all, but, from my point of view, it is of vital importance, because I don't speak here, with respect to a chain of questions, that they derive then in a certain simple resolution, asked about question, until you reach a certain truth; but that, I want to express with this, is that questions that we will have to develop before deciding to build new cities, new economies, new lives, must be absolutely clear, and there an answer previously agreed upon by the analysis necessary, for which humanitarian action that the response depend on, will have as much strength as the question and their corresponding answer. The branching of questions from a question origin, it may cause the whole branch is weak, and the final result is not expected. Conceptual clarity above all, because we are faced with a completely delicate problem and that can be expanded, if it is out of control.

As a consequence to this, countries that cannot, either, they don't want to, accept from humans in the current exodus, provoked by the horror of the wars, that can be done, is a common fund of support to the construction of these new cities, background that may constitute money, or in addition to the money, also in construction companies , and for all other category, wishing to participate in this population relocation, which is urgently needed, so that above butterfly effect, themselves refugees, and the rest of the world.

Here, intends to raise awareness to the inhabitants of this world, our unique and true country, by evolutionary law, that we are citizens of the planet Earth, and express that, the whole world would be proud of that for new places, to all persons fleeing from suffering, that endless suffering, and that is not only the suffering of each of its members , but that every person on the planet who possesses a minimum of empathy, to understand the global reality, and that, along with all individual negative thinking, these millions of States of consciousness in constant negativity, in constant suffering and darkness, feed negatively awareness Global, something that I've been studying, since long time ago, through various readings , and with an important project that I myself I have designed, but this is another issue, and I don't want to add more words that can move the real focus of this idea.

Build, bridges, tunnels, highways, incredible machines, a science that matures with each passing day, data networks that surround the balloon, and know that, in the near future, will terraform the planet Mars, and will begin to inhabit it, since long before now; and meanwhile, here on Earth, we will not be able to raise and carry out, a radical, and so, politically incorrect solution I would say, knowing that, sometimes, the world needs politically incorrect people, for collective progress?

Believe me that the complications that have been, in terms of the acceptance and/or deportation of refugees, i.e., what has been done until now, caused more negative events, that having decided, for many years, apply what is exposed here, and possibly, some have the doubt, why Russia chose?, and my answer to this is that Russia, in my opinion, has protected many more refugees than any other nation in the world and has also fought against the ISIS, far more than any other military organization, for example, NATO, since Russia has been able, in good measure, dismantle the ISIS, in a very short time, and therefore saving hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Then, for this reason, as well as others, it is that I thought in Russia, for the construction of new cities for the refugees of the horror.

The design strategies, in regards to the construction of new cities, dedicated exclusively to refugees, must be carried out by persons or entities that have the economic revenue, as the Foundation to decide above all else, and the incorporation of the refugees themselves, as employees of many of the buildings of the future, allowing you to start a cycle of money flow Let grow the place quickly, and based on that, all parties will be benefited, and at various levels. Construction of houses, or placement of prefabricated houses in the place itself, construction of schools, hospitals, airports, road networks, police departments, fire station, and a great list, with the direct participation of refugees, which will get the dignity they deserve, that we all deserve, will have a job, the security that you are building a new future for them, for their families, for their offspring, and for the country where established, in this case, Russia.

The secret of giving solution is relocation with dignity, and not as well, knocking the doors of other countries, which surely no longer can open them again.

The butterfly effect predicted after the relocation, will minimize its effects throughout the world, and the collective conscience, again, contains a positive charge.

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